Brand Assessment

Many brands have great marketing and sales strategies to attract customers. But the experience customers have with your brand can make or break those marketing and sales investments.

Do you have a process to look inside your brand experience and know what is happening – and what is working? We immerse ourselves into your brand experience to identify strengths and weaknesses. We then provide you detailed findings and a set of recommendations. Our assessment can hone in on one particular part of the experience or look at the total experience.

The results? Attract more customers and keep money from walking out the door.

Customer Research

A research approach for one brand may not make sense for another brand. We suggest the right type of research and ask the right type of questions, given the unique circumstances of your business. In addition, we are cautious to not conduct research for research sake or recommend you invest in research before reviewing what research has already been done.

When research is required or when there are information gaps, we offer a variety of creative research solutions grounded by a set of clearly defined objectives. Types of research we offer include ethnographic research, quantitative research, online and in-person qualitative research as well as one-on-one interviews.

  • Smart investments in research can strengthen your brand.

    Service offerings

    Assessments to identify gaps in your brand experience

    Brand perception research to understand how customers and prospective customers see your brand

    Customer profile research to gain insight into customer needs and open opportunities for your brand

    Testing new product and service ideas to support your brand strategy and drive new revenue streams

    Customer advisory board facilitation