Defining your brand space

What makes your brand stand out? Do people have a compelling reason to choose your brand over competitors?

Whether you are an established brand navigating a changing industry environment or a newly emerging brand trying to make your mark, owning a clear position is essential. Positioning is not just a short-term marketing exercise; it is a long-term necessity that drives all other decisions and priorities. This includes determining the right product and service offerings, deciding how to sell and deliver your offerings and learning how to create strong emotional connections with your customers.

Positioning development is both an art and a science. We go deep inside your organization to understand your business, analyze available data, and collaborate with you and your team to take full advantage of your experience and customer knowledge. In addition, we will identify customer types and usage patterns to help you target customers that you may not be capturing today. We also take an objective look at your brand by studying traditional and non-traditional competitors, conducting customer research and looking at trends in the marketplace from both inside and outside your industry.

With these insights we will develop a brand strategy that includes: a conceptual portrait of the most promising target customers and their key needs; a positioning direction that defines the core brand idea; supporting “proof” points; and a short brand story that describes your brand values, the essence of your brand experience and how your brand can be truly meaningful to your customers’ lives.

  • Your brand strategy will be your compass to further engage current customers, win new customers and improve the bottom line.

    Service offerings

    Brand strategy and positioning development

    Brand assessment

    Competitive and trend analysis

    Customer research

A Case in Point

The Challenge
One of the largest providers of preschool curriculum in the country wanted to differentiate from traditional competitors and effectively compete with large, established K-12 curriculum providers that were moving into the pre-K space. To do so, the organization needed to create a strong, clear and relevant brand that was not overshadowed by its products.

The Solution
brandMatters created a brand strategy that recognized and elevated the importance of the role early childhood educators play in the lives of children. The new brand architecture unifies disparate products and product lines under a master brand. Through design of a new logo and visual identity system, the client clearly communicates its brand value to school systems and represents its host of products in an integrated manner.