A unified and consistent brand strategy is a prerequisite for creating a motivated organization and building a loyal community of customers.

Every brand strategy engagement begins with a comprehensive brand assessment.

We look at your brand from the inside out: What do the people inside the organization really know about your customers? How do they see your brand, the competitors, and the marketplace?

And then we look at it again, this time from the outside in: Does your brand fulfill a specific customer need? Does your brand stand for something that is clear and distinctive from competitors? How does your brand actually live in the world? What marketplace challenges might impact your brand?

We will explore these and other essential questions, and identify a customer you can win with to establish a relevant and meaningful brand promise and key brand messages.

To bring your brand to life, we then create a comprehensive blueprint for delivering the brand experience. The blueprint maps the customer journey and defines your brand’s service philosophy, unique service signatures and naming conventions to ensure your customer experience is activated properly and consistently across your brand.

  • “Karen McSteen and Laura Bates helped us turn around the Cambria brand. They found a unique and untapped market segment to target, re-positioned the brand, and then worked with our team to develop a guest experience, service culture, new prototype design, and messaging to go after those customers. Within a year of this work, the brand's market share grew 15% and the development pipeline tripled.”

    Steve Joyce

    Chief Executive Officer
    Choice Hotels

  • “Karen ‘got’ our company from the first conversations we had together. She brought new rigor to our business development process and challenged us to apply our branding commitment through every department in our company. Her perception, keen observation skills, and sensitivity to our company’s culture and values made brandMatters the right partner in building our brand strategy.”

    Amy Houser

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Teaching Strategies

A Case in Point

Repositioning a hotel brand for growth

A hotel brand was struggling to compete in a crowded marketplace against established competitors. With a relatively undifferentiated brand, the company was not able to meet either its revenue goals or its distribution targets.

To strengthen the brand proposition, increase customer appeal and grow new units, we identified a sizable segment of customers that was underserved, one whose business the brand could win, and developed a new positioning based on what motivates this type of customer.

To bring the positioning to life, we created a completely new brand experience. This included the hotel’s design, the food and beverage offering, a service culture for employees, a loyalty program for customers, a new visual identity system and an internal and external messaging platform.