A comprehensive blueprint ensures you activate your customer experience powerfully and consistently.

We bring your brand positioning to life by designing a customer experience blueprint that carefully details your customer journey. The blueprint will stretch your thinking about what is possible, yet it is grounded in business reality. This roadmap allows practical execution by operations teams, marketing and sales teams, architects and designers, and other stakeholders in your organization.

We especially hone in on key moments to develop innovative signature offerings, focusing on those critical product and service areas where the brand can most stand out in the marketplace and where investment would yield the greatest returns.

A strong service culture is a significant competitive advantage.

How your employees interact with customers is a direct reflection of your organization’s culture. The most engaged and dedicated employees believe in and are inspired by your brand promise. Once the higher purpose of your brand is established, a clear set of core values must be infused into the workplace each and every day. Employees in organizations with strong brands know how their efforts contribute to the success of the business. They understand what is expected of them and are recognized for delivering excellent service. These are critical elements to emotionally engaging your workforce.

Emotional engagement among employees affects business outcomes including customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover, safety incidents, theft, absenteeism and quality defects.

We work with you to foster a vibrant service culture. By translating your brand positioning and values into meaningful actions, you will inspire employees to deliver their very best every day.

  • True brand loyalty comes from the experience people have with your brand.

    Service offerings

    Customer journey mapping

    Innovative product and service signatures

    Service culture development

    Employee engagement strategies

A Case in Point

The Challenge
A hotel company with a fledgling brand was struggling to compete in a crowded marketplace against established competitors. With its brand relatively undifferentiated, the company was not able to meet either its revenue or its distribution targets.

The Solution
We identified a sizable segment of underserved target customers and developed a new positioning based on what motivates this type of customer. As part of this effort, we designed a new customer experience, helped develop a new hotel prototype, created a franchisee value proposition, reinvented the food and beverage offering, improved the customer loyalty program, developed a visual identity system and helped foster a service culture for employees that reinforced the new brand positioning.