brandMatters designs and delivers creative work sessions and engaging meetings.

Through carefully choreographed exercises and discussions, we elicit the best ideas and thinking from all participants. We are particularly skilled at encouraging people to share divergent views and build ideas in a supportive and non-threatening environment. These lively purpose driven sessions can be designed for strategic planning, to develop solutions to address a specific idea or problem, to communicate and solicit feedback on important priorities or to ensure a regularly scheduled meeting is an effective use of time for all participants. Our meetings are productive, well-paced and deliver tangible results.

  • “I would highly recommend Karen McSteen for her strategic planning and facilitation skills. She focuses on understanding the business objectives of the brand and the project. I have relied on her expertise when bringing together stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. She is able to keep the group on task to ensure we achieve the needed outcomes.”

    Lisa Holladay

    Vice President, Global Brand Marketing
    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

  • “Karen McSteen has been instrumental in helping our senior leadership and Board define our priorities and strategic direction. She has transformed our Board meetings into participative, results-oriented sessions that keep moving the organization in a very positive direction. Her inclusive style has earned the respect and commitment of staff and volunteer leaders alike.”

    Roger Dow

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    U.S. Travel Association

A Case in Point

Collaborating to create an actionable game plan

A large multi-national client was looking to bring together the executive teams from its US headquarters office and one of it’s global offices, which was responsible for carrying out the brand vision in day-to-day operations.

The purpose of the meeting was to identify critical goals and actions for development, marketing, sales, and customer experience to grow the brand’s relevance in that part of the world.

Before the session we interviewed members of both teams to understand the issues, we conducted an online survey with all participants and influencers, and we worked with the client’s research team to identify the most critical insights to bring into the meeting.

With this knowledge in hand, we designed an interactive agenda where critical information was shared, meaningful discussions could take place, challenges could be addressed, creative solutions could be developed and decisions could be made.

During the meeting the group identified, developed, and assessed many different possible ideas for consideration. We then prioritized five very specific actions for the coming year that would give the brand momentum in the marketplace. To ensure follow-through and accountability we identified a co-leader from the US headquarters team and the global office team for each project.