A memorable name, identity and messages help attract customers.

Your brand name, identity and messaging reflect your brand and help you break through the marketplace noise. We will work with you to develop these building blocks that are the foundation of all brand communications.

Brand development includes establishing a clear brand voice and communicating what makes your brand unique; creating a distinctive identity and carrying it through all marketing channels and customer experiences; and developing consistent and compelling messages that help others to understand and buy into your brand, and learn the benefits of your products and services. Our team includes designers and writers who can help shape your brand by designing logos and a visual identity, and crafting messages that will resonate with your audience.

  • A strong brand name, identity and messaging make your brand memorable.

    Service offerings

    Brand name creation

    Identity development including logo treatment, font/typography and color palettes

    Brand language and tonality

    Tagline and key messaging

    Naming conventions and nomenclature that unify the brand across multiple brand touch points

A Case in Point

The Challenge
A private equity firm acquired two K-12 school improvement companies and merged them into one entity. The two had very different cultures and processes, but needed to become one distinct brand with a strong national presence.

The Solution
brandMatters identified a set of core values and equities the two companies shared. From that foundation, we defined a brand proposition and key messaging points to appeal to the company’s customer base. We also developed and qualified—by testing with target customers—a new company name, tagline and brand identity.