Is your brand promise a filter for organizational decision-making? At brandMatters, we focus on helping you develop a strategic plan that supports both your business and your brand over the long term.

We gather input from key stakeholders, analyze key business issues, and facilitate interactive sessions. Does your leadership team share a vision for your company? Are you looking to the future or are you mired in the day to day? Where do you want to be five years from today? These are among questions that we explore together to better understand your stakeholder vision, business strengths and challenges, and the forces of change that are influencing your brand.

Our goal is to identify and prioritize what’s most important so you can turn these insights into competitive advantages. To ensure traction and accountability, every plan includes specific action items and follow-up steps.

  • “Karen expertly guided our executive team through an enterprise-wide strategic planning initiative and is by far one of the most effective business consultants I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Her ability to digest, assess and intelligently organize huge amounts of information while strategically connecting the dots is truly impressive. She worked tirelessly and was equally committed to our success as our own executives. Karen is a rare find! She made a difference in our organization that will last for decades.”

    Janet Traphagen

    Creative Group Inc.

A Case in Point

Taking a disciplined approach to ambitious growth

A successful brandMatters client was experiencing growing pains and needed strategic clarity to ensure that their brand remained relevant. Planning had previously been done at a tactical level, and brand-wide programs and initiatives were not well coordinated nor tied to an overall strategic plan or principles.

We instituted a comprehensive strategic and marketing planning process that aligned all parts of the organization within both the corporate and field offices. In addition, we surveyed people who were not directly involved in the process to make sure their voices were heard. Through this inclusive process, we were able to help our client develop a more disciplined approach to strategic planning and communications with buy-in throughout the organization. This framework is now used on an ongoing basis to support ambitious growth and revitalization plans.