A specific issue or challenge can derail or distract even a well-defined and successful brand. We are often asked to help organizations respond quickly to address problems and assess opportunity. Is it time to expand a successful program? How can we uphold our brand standards in a price sensitive environment? How can our brand best respond to a new, disruptive competitor?

Our approach is based in best practices and honed by our first-hand experiences in management and leadership roles. We look at all the factors that are contributing to a challenge, consider how each group of stakeholders can influence a solution, and focus on creating meaningful change that can be implemented in a timely fashion.

  • “As we adopted our strategic plan, one of my primary goals was to ensure our Board meetings were effective and focused around moving the strategic plan forward. When Karen McSteen came into our organization she listened, observed and masterfully redesigned our Board meetings, providing creative solutions to our complex challenges. She is generous in sharing information and ideas and has been an invaluable resource to the National Restaurant Association.”

    Dawn Sweeney

    President and CEO
    National Restaurant Association

  • “Karen McSteen has played a significant role in helping The Ritz-Carlton shape its long-term strategic plan. She has worked with our company in a variety of capacities, including brand consulting, new product evaluation, senior leadership meeting facilitation and organizational structuring. She has impressed our leadership with her deep understanding of our brand and culture and her very structured and comprehensive approach to work.”

    Ken Rehmann

    Chief Financial Officer Asia Pacific
    Marriott International

A Case in Point

When a long-time client was investigating whether to expand a successful program to an emerging global market, brandMatters was asked to provide a recommendation on the market opportunity. We began by researching every aspect of a rapidly changing consumer marketplace and by benchmarking the experience of other companies who completed similar expansions. We examined the immediate and long-term economic climate, potential political implications, workforce issues, intellectual property, and taxation considerations to identify the opportunities and challenges. Our work culminated in a comprehensive report including the steps required to move forward in order for this client to make an informed business decision.